2018 Toyota Hilux Redesign

Not so far, rumors about new 2018 Toyota Hilux were started. Now, we can say that those are no more rumors. We`re just waiting to hear something official from the Toyota but we are almost positive that new Hilux will be released in 2018. Knowing that, we are proud to say that we`re one of the first that have gathered some information`s about the redesign of new Hilux. Let`s see all the important and reliable information`s. Here it is, new Hilux.

2018 Toyota Hilux side

2018 Toyota Hilux Redesign, Exterior and Interior

What is great about new 2018 Toyota Hilux is that he`s going to be refreshed and redesigned. This time, biggest part of his chassis will be made from top quality materials. Mostly carbon fiber and aluminum which are two best materials to make it hard but lightweight. Some of his details will be refreshed. Front fascia is where we expect to see biggest amount of changes. There should be brand new, chrome styled grille. Next to it, larger headlights. This time, headlights aren`t all about size. Their focus is on technology. New 2018 Toyota Hilux will have all his lights using newly developed LED lamps which are proved to use only minimum amount of energy. Fine cut alloy wheels are also something we expect to see on new Hilux. On the back, the same size of trunk is expected. Wheelbase is a bit longer but it won`t have any influence on the trunk size which is more than enough the way it was in the previous generation.

Interior size is where some changes will happen. As we`ve said, new 2018 Toyota Hilux will have longer wheelbase and the passengers will feel it. They`ll have more room inside to feel cozier than before. Other than that, Toyota`s engineers and designers had it`s focus on the functionality. They`ll try to ease all the functions and their controls. On the instrument board we can spot less buttons than before. That will result larger touchscreen jammed on the middle of the instrument board. Next to it, larger climate vents are also noticeable. Digital climate controller is installed but some rumors tells us that even dual-zone one could be there. We have to wait a bit longer to see it and hear it officially from Toyota. As we`ve said, comfort level of new 2018 Toyota Hilux is more than suitable because his previous generation was among the best in that category. Due to that, there won`t be any changes in the seats design.

2018 Toyota Hilux rear

2018 Toyota Hilux Engine, Power, Performance

2018 Toyota Hilux is expected to arrive with at least two engine choices. We expect even more but we are sure about two options. Basic choice will definitely be 2.8-liter turbodiesel unit which can supply it with 177 hp and with torque amount of 334 lb/ft. Second choice will be 2.4-liter turbocharged unit. This engine can generate 163 horsepower and torque amount of 298 lb/ft as maximum. We can only assume what could be third engine unit. We expect 2.7-liter 4-cylidner petrol powered unit to be offered as well. This engine is capable to produce 167 hp and. When it comes to the transmission system, we expect to see both manual and automatic gear box available. Both of them will have 6-speed and both of them will be available with AWD mode.

2018 Toyota Hilux interior

2018 Toyota Hilux Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date for 2018 Toyota Hilux is still hard to estimate but we expect it to happen at the beginning of summer 2018. Definitely not before July 2018. Starting price for new Hilux is easier to estimate. We know that his starting price can`t be under $25.000.

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