2017 Toyota Hilux Specs, Review

The new 2017 Toyota Hilux Specs will be one of the models which have the ability to overpower the legendary Ford’s F-Series models and this is exactly what it intends to do. Being armed with the strong and stable design, latest technological features, and new engine options and which is even more important amazing towing capacity. With the years of production the Toyota manufacturers seems to become quite proficient when it comes to this model production and will most likely bring it to the perfection.

2017Toyota Hilux Specs Front

2017 Toyota Hilux Specs, Review

One of the most obvious changes you can notice at the first sight is the change in size, and when being compared to its predecessors this change is even more obvious. The new 2017 Toyota Hilux Specs will look quite powerful, stabile and strong but at the same time will have great flexibility and low fuel consumption. This happened due to the usage of the aluminum for its construction which is super-lightweight but firm and will keep it whole despite of the bumpy roads it passes. The general design won’t change it will still have the same massive grille as well as bumper and its lighting system will be supplied with the LED technology, but a bit more sophisticated than before.

2017Toyota Hilux Specs Interior

Most of the interior features will be electronically controlled, so there won’t be too many confusing knobs on the dashboard of the new 2017 Toyota Hilux Specs. All the necessary info will be contained on a large display in the center of the dashboard and will enable easy and safe managing of the vehicle. There will be dual-zone climate control, satellite navigation and radio, rear view camera, speed control, Internet connection and others. The five passengers onboard will be exposed to the high level of comfort, entertainment and pleasure during the adventurous rides it can offer.

2017 Toyota Hilux Specs, Power options

Though you might expected a wide variety of the engine options in the new 2017 Toyota Hilux Specs we are left with only two options and they are not bad at all. The standard one will be a 2.7 litre 4 cylinder engine with the production of 180 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque and the manufacturers have announced the possible reduction of the fuel consumption. The second option will be a 2.8l Cummins eight-cylinder unit with the creation of 160 hp and fantastic 300 pound-feet of torque. There will be standard 6-speed manual and alternative automatic transmission system and either front or all-wheel drive mode.

2017Toyota Hilux Specs Rear

2017 Toyota Hilux Specs, Latest info

Due to the fact that neither price nor release date has been released we will have to rely on the latest info and rumors we get in exploring both. The powerful 2017 Toyota Hilux Specs will be released till the end of the 2016 year or more precisely in October according to some sources. The potential price with which it is likely to come out with the price of $25,000 while the advanced models will come to the figures of $40,000 which is high but very compatible and accessible in comparison to its main rivals at the market.

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