2017 Toyota Hilux Redesign

Though we have waited for such a long period of time to hear something about the potential release of the new 2017 Toyota Hilux it most certainly paid off. There will a great certainty of having the new Hilux released till the end of this year and we got all the necessary information to make out decision concerning the purchase of this mighty truck. The years we have waited for it have been wisely used for the improvements, redesign and upgrading of this model. The specifications we have provided for you will be concentrated on the redesign of the new 2017 Toyota Hilux which will soon become a part of markets competition.

2017 Toyota Hilux Front

2017 Toyota Hilux Platform and Design

For years Hilux has been a reliable, firm and powerful model and this new generation will keep up with this trend. First big improvement will be the reduction of the weight which will be caused by the usage of the aluminum platform which will give it maneuverability and effortless movement. The new 2017 Toyota Hilux will get a complete redesign with which the rather aggressive, bold and serious appearance has been made more welcoming, classy and family friendly. It will have its front bumper revised, its grille enlarged in order to protect and cool the engine with ease. It will also get larger trunk with great towing capacity. What is very important when it comes to its redesign is that this is no longer just a vehicle used to carry a huge amount of cargo but also a vehicle fun to drive and spent some in it.

2017 Toyota Hilux Interior

The interior of the new 2017 Toyota Hilux will not stay unchanged either. There will be many new exciting things you will be quite anxious to try. The cabin will be boxy and roomy and supplied with plenty of natural light. The instrument board will be functional, simple and effective but what it even more important driver oriented. All the controls will be on a press of a button and won’t be hard to maintain. There will be many impressive tech features as well as safety ones but we will have to wait on their specifications for some time. Still we are sure that the new 2017 Toyota Hilux won’t disappoint us.

2017 Toyota Hilux Engine modifications

According to some rumors we came out with the several potential 2017 Toyota Hilux engine options and we like them all even though they are unofficial. The first one mentioned is a 2.7 liter inline 4 engine with the ability to develop around 182 horses as well as 180 lb-ft of torque.  Another option might be a 4.0 liter V6 engine with 200 hp.  And the last one we have to mention is 2.8 liter Cummins with power of 180 horsepower and great 340 pound feet of torque. All the engines will be combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission system.

2017 Toyota Hilux Rear

2017 Toyota Hilux Fresh information

Concerning the 2017 Toyota Hilux release period, we still do not have the exact date but there is a great likelihood of having it available in showrooms till the summer of the 2017 year. The sum range will start form $25 000 and will come to $40 000 which is quite reasonable.

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