2016 Toyota Hilux USA

Toyota will have a great opportunity to impress its fans with its newest 2016 Toyota Hilux USA. Its incredible interior and exterior that includes a well modified 2 option power engine will make it the number one choice in the auto market. Herein is more of what this pickup truck will offer to you.

2016 Toyota Hilux front

2016 Toyota Hilux USA Interior and Exterior

The 2016 Toyota Hilux USA will have an elegant exterior. Its horizontal laths will be combined with grille making it sportier. This latest model will come with a 4WD right hand drive and a 2WD left hand drive whose tail lights will be wrapped on the body side. The Toyota Hilux will have an upper hand over other trucks due to its longer body, overhand and rear wheelbase. Its dimensions are approximated to be 5100 mm in length, 1700mm in width and its wheelbase will be 3080mm. This dual cab will benchmark with high end vehicles ranging from the D40 Nissan Navara to the Volkswagen Amarok.

The 2016 Toyota Hilux USA will have a spacious and comfortable interior. Its cargo area will be spacious enough to carry more luggage. Its 4 doors will give room for 4 passengers thus providing comfort and space to travel with the family. Its towing capacity is approximated to be 2500kg which is a bit lower to Amarok’s 3000kg and Ford ranger’s 3500kg. However, this capacity is above average and would be fit for day to day towing.

2016 Toyota Hilux rear

2016 Toyota Hilux USA Engine and Performance

Toyota is likely to arm the track with a 4 to 6 cylinder engine that will contributes highly to its performance. The truck will have a high accelerating power that will accelerate to 60miles per hour in approximately 9.5 seconds reaching a top speed of 115 miles per hour. It will have two power options; petrol and diesel engine. The petrol engine will use 2.8 to 3.5 liters for the lowest and highest trim respectively. On the other hand, the diesel engine will use approximately 2.8 liters and will produce more torque.

2016 Toyota Hilux interior

2016 Toyota Hilux USA Price and release date

The release date for the 2016 Toyota Hilux USA has not yet been announced but is widely speculated to be the second quarter of 2015. Toyota Company has remained tight lipped on its price, although it is expected to range from $18,000 to $20,000. At least with these figures, one would make a budget and set aside funds for the new arrival.

It is clear that this vehicle will cause a huge impact in the auto motive industry and will attract great demand from enthusiasts. It is expected to meet most if not all of consumer’s expectations.

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